Friday, July 13, 2012

I'm a NERD!!!

If you've only known me as an adult, you may not realize that I completely, totally, and utterly love to eat NERDS.  I think you perhaps might assume I am exaggerating, so let me enlighten you a bit on a few childhood facts.

1)  As soon as we were old enough to walk to the nearby candy store, I would always buy NERDs, except for a short time when I would alternate with another Wonka candy called "Punkies", which really were like clusters of nerds.

2)  I am not a big ice cream fan, but I loved going to Dairy Queen with my family for....NERD blizzards.  When my parents said I couldn't spend that much money on a choice, I'd convince the DQ gals to make up a nerd sunday.

3)  In Eighth Grade I wrote a two page essay on NERDS.  We were in Indonesia and were supposed to write about something dear to us.  I missed NERDS while living overseas, that is the topic I chose.  No, I am not kidding.  My mother saved this little essay.  I even decorated a cover page for it- a drawing of boxes of nerds.

4)  In highschool, I would regularily eat the movie size boxes of rainbow nerds from Walgreens all in on sitting.  Why by a small box for 75 cents when the large one is a dollar?!  I shared very few of them.

5)  I still get ECSTATIS if I find Neon NERDS or Raspberry NERDS- they are hard to find.  I dig grape and strawberry, but the these flavors are my favorites;)

Yep, I love NERDS and welcome your teasing in the form of many boxes of NERDS deposited my way;)

Now you ask, why I am thinking about NERDS, right?  This morning on my daily facebook checkin- I learned that NERDS is doing an anti-bullying campaign.  I totally joined.  Won't you join too?  My daughter was the victim of bullying this year and it was painful.  I am all for anyone who is helping kids learn to stop it!

They have this cute teeny bopper video on youtube:

And if 10,000 people go on facebook and write why they are a nerd...WONKA donates $25,000.  I am posting this to win nothing, gain nothing- nothing.  Only because I love NERDS and hate bullying.

I am Kim and I am a nerd for NERDS (obviously), reading, knitting, SURVIVOR, certain Miley Cirus songs, etc.  Embrace YOUR inner nerd and help educate kids on bullying;)

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  1. I, too am a self proclaimed nerd!!! We can start a club I lived equally close to a drug store, grocery store and an Evans (if you live in Sheboygan, you know what I mean!!!) so I loved getting my own candy fix,too! But I have to I the only one who remembers Dweebs??? Those were my FAVORITE!!!