Friday, July 6, 2012

Conversations to Remember;)

If you are my facebook friend you may have seen a couple of these this week on your newsfeed, but I am doublin' up and bloggin' 'em too cuz, these moments are for remembering!  Here are a few of our funny kid conversations this week:

Time- Sunday evening
Place- Car while waiting for Mom to get food in Corner Bakery

Marc:  Ava, I am madly in love with your mom.
Ava:  That's great.  One day, you'll be madly in love with me too.
Marc:  What do you mean?
Ava:  (in a sort of jesting tone) I don't care what people say, I am still marrying you when I grow up cuz I love you!
Marc:  Well, don't worry when you are grown up you won't feel that way; you'll be madly in love with your future husband and you'll be very glad that he's madly in love with you too
Ava:  How do you know?
Marc:  Because Mommy and I pray for you future husband all the time.
Ava:  YOU DO!  (at this point I have entered the car)
Marc and I:  Yes, we do.
Ava:  Do you pray for Phin's girl too?
Kim:  Yes, we pray every day that she'll love Jesus with her whole heart and love Phin.
Ava:  You should pray that she really likes poop too.  Phin loves to talk about poop.

Time- Tuesday morning
Place- Breakfast Table

Ava: Chloe, you are SOOO cute
Chloe:  I NOT tute!
Phin:  But you sure are pretty!;)

Time- Thursday evening
Place- Dinner Table

Kim sneezes
Chloe: Bless you!
Kim:  Thank you sweet, baby.
Chloe:  Mommy, Mommy
Kim:  yes, Chloe?
Chloe (with the most pitiful facial expression purposefully put on):  My tummy hurts
Marc:  (genuinely concerned, of course, as this is the first time she's ever complained of a tummy ache)                    Really?  why does it hurt?
Chloe:  Because we don't have any sausage

(She works it already and a true born in Wisconsin gal, she LOVES sausage;)

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