Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Wasp up with this?!

Our house is made of Cedar...looks mighty pretty but we've been having trouble apparently convincing nature that WE not "they" belong living here.  First, our trusty cardinal (who IS by the way still pecking at our windows on a daily basis, has gotten in Marc's car when he left a window open and covered the interior in poop, and was in our garage one day when we came home).  Next, we had a deer sleeping in our front lawn.  I never could get a picture of her...but did you know they curl up and sleep just like a dog? very cute, but quite unsettling as they rush towards you when you spook them by daring to pull into your driveway or open your front door.  We've also been battling wasps since moving in.  We are constantly seeing the little things and finding starts of hives like this around the eeves of our home, the cracks in our deck floor boards, or in this case the track on our sliding door!:

We've had to vigilantly and aggressively monitor our perimeter and attack with pesticide spray.

Then, Marc went to Lebanon and we've been lax in our security.  Todays inspection first revealed this:
(It's about 5 small hives)

and then we were HORRIFIED to find THIS:

We quickly realized our new neighbors had set of a colony and were claiming squatting rights and we knew we could merely attack them with a spray purchased at Walmart, so we picked up the phone faster than batman...and are praising God for same day service!

Schoen's=Superhero's in our eyes.

Not only did they take care of our "guests" (estimating there were about 500 wasps in the large hive pictured above),  They helped us remember the wonder of God's creation  (He said, "Wow!  That is a beauty" when seeing the crazy big hive) and they told the kids all about how they humanely care for pests of all kinds.  He let them try on the gloves he wears when trapping raccoons, skunks or opossums and such, told the kids how they trap them and where they take them to let them go without hurting them.  He is a GREAT guy!

I sincerly hope you don't have problems such as we do (thank GOD it's all exterior!!!),  BUT if you do have any issues, call this guy.  Not only will he restore order, but share the joy he takes in his job with you.  Who knew having Wasp's nest removed would turn into an evening of entertainment?!

(note- yes, Phin IS wearing fleece Christmas pajamas in 90 degree weather.  The boy insists and USUALLY is inside in air conditioning- don't judge; we pick our battles;)


  1. I was just going to comment on the pajamas...he does love those winter PJ'S!! so funny....I had to cringe at the wasp's nest-just gives me the chills! Glad you found just the right person for the job! Karla

  2. thanks for the pics and the story..I READ IT ON A DAILY BASIS..