Thursday, July 12, 2012

Don't Cry over Spilled Milk....

I've been in a fragile place for the past week.  Just feeling less than confident, tired, unsure about many things.  I was really was convicted of the truth that it's because I've not spent enough time with Jesus.  This week, I'm really try to focus on nothing but Christ and ask him to give me the strength for each day and the wisdom for each situation that arises.  It's been good.  It's the way it has to be for me to live this life in a way that glorifies him!  How easily I am derailed by busyness!!

Today, I got up and was able to have a quiet time right away- a rarity (usually I have to plop my children in front of the TV).  I came down sure it was going to be a great day.  I caught up on the house and laundry competely by yesterday and today we can just play.

Marc had gotten the kids breakfast's out, I just needed to pour milk into their bowls.  I did that and walked, my heart spewing with peace, over to get my tea- delighted that the day was starting with such a calm.  It was at that precise moment that I heard major liquid spillage.  I turned around to a "Sorry, mama!" uttered in a two year old voice and saw Chloe returning the now half empty milk carton onto the table.  Immediately thoughts of  "my clean house!  No!  Not more laundry after it's all finally done!" were a swirling.

 "OH NO!  How in the world did she get the cap off?!" I uttered, as I raced to the table with towels.  Before I got to my destination, Phin said, "I took it off for her cuz she wanted more milk in her bowl, but I guess she missed!"

His sincerity of heart and Chloe's sweet, "uh oh!" were a gift and a reminder that it's only flippin' milk and this was a great opportunity for a picture;)

You can't see the huge milk puddle on the floor, but suffice it to say, it took 6 kitchen towels and half a roll of paper towels to clean up all this up;)  Still, these are the things we can laugh about.  My kids weren't trying to make life difficult- they were just being kids and I love these kids...and their spilled milk.


  1. Well said. And, hard not to smile and laugh when you see that sweet smile directed at her mama! Praying for you, friend!

  2. You've been on my heart a lot this week---now I know why. Smiling at the way God had prepared you in your quiet time with Him---and smiling at that sweet little face who brings so much joy to all of us.