Monday, February 21, 2011


Apparently Wisconsin was not quite ready to let go of the snow. Spring tried to start edging it's way in, but alas spring is never quite welcome in February.

I knew it was supposed to snow yesterday, but the morning looked pretty clear and we'd been having SUCH warm weather, I really thought it would end up being a small flurry. My husband had to fly to Dallas and as he was preparing to leave, I decided we'd drive him down. I was sad to see him go and thought an extra hour chatting with him was priceless. We loaded up the kids. Chloe napped while the older two watched a movie. Marc and I got our hour was like a mini morning date;) We dropped him off at the airport and started to head home.

I wasn't relishing a day at home by myself so I decided to stop in downtown Milwaukee at the only Whole Foods within hours of us. We loaded up on organics and the kids got to pick a few treats. It was already lunch time as we were leaving and though the snow had started and admittedly was coming down pretty hard, I decided to stop at the mall for lunch and to allow them time to get out energy in the play area.

That may have been a bad choice! The drive home proved treacherous. We saw an accidentand a few cars in the ditch. I was VERY thankful that I am experienced driving in the snow and kept praying that we wouldn't get stuck as I had no idea who I would call to help! I should have headed straight home and I knew I would kick myself if I got in trouble with three kids in tow! We trucked along at a slow pace and only partial felt badly for the cars that tried to whiz by us only to end up in the ditch. We made is without issue and enjoyed staying cozy the rest of the day.

I did snap a couple pic's with my cell phone...
It was crazy. The people with 4-wheel drive knew what they were doing and plunged ahead at a snails pace. The little Ford Fusion that ended up in the ditch thought he could whip past us all...
Can you see the road? It's not just the picture. I couldn't see it much better!

P.S. I do have to shout out to my friends Christina and James. He drove her over last night for a couple hours so I could have some adult conversation. I also owe my neighbor something HUGE. He cleared my driveway last night and again this morning. I am think some major baking is coming his way!


  1. Thanks for the shout out! It was a great night! I certainly needed the adult conversation too...ha!

  2. I'm glad that mom didn't know you were driving home in those conditions...she wouldn't have been able to work much that day :) So glad you made it home safe! -K