Monday, February 14, 2011

You laugh so you don't cry when....

1) Your daughter picks a picture of you to bring to represent the letter of the week (which is "K" and my name is "Kim") which seems extremely flattering until she adds, "I hope they can tell it's you. You are old now and in this picture you aren't old yet."

2) You purchase five airline tickets for vacation with miles and are so proud of yourself for saving money, only to realize when you open the confirmation email that you somehow booked them for the wrong month and end up paying $500 in change fees. (This was really my husband, but boy did he want to cry, so I helped him out by laughing.)

3) Your 7 month old actually sleeps through the night, but your four year old keeps you up for an hour freaking out about the wind outside.

4) You are helping your two year old with his grape juice so he won't spill. Your four year old decides to illustrate for him "how it's done" and ends up spilling HERS all over the floor!

5) You lay out all you need for breakfast before you go to bed, and your husband so kindly decides to be a servant and clean up the kitchen after you....

6)You sex drive finally returns in a small capacity since going on a hiatus since child number three. Okay- this makes you laugh AND might have started thinking her body was broken.

7)You are so proud of yourself for catching up on laundry and looking forward to a "day off" when a teeny little person decides to have "blow out poop" day and soils four changes of clothing.

8)You forgot that you put chicken to thaw in the fridge...a few days ago and now it all needs to be discarded. DOH!

9)You load three children in the car for a quick run to target before dad get's home from work, get them into a cart and reach into the car to grab your purse...only to realize it was left at home.

10)You look in the mirror after weaning baby number three..."whose body IS that and where did mine go?!"

11)You try to lose weight at 34 and realize it really IS harder to do than it was at 23.

12)You and husband make family run to target and though you think "Marc must have thrown my purse in the back when he was unloading the cart." for some reason you don't actually clarify this fact with the husband until you get home. It is then that you both realize your red purse is not visible to a man when it is sitting in a red cart and it was left at Target....with all you month grocery cash inside ($700).

13)You return to target and a stranger found said purse in the cart and turned it in...all the money still inside. (Okay- you laugh AND cry here too;)

14)You decide to take a much needed nap while the kids are "napping" only your 4 year old didn't get the memo and decides to "help out" by checking on the napping baby...thereby ruining the babies nap and yours. ARGH!

15)You tell your four year old you'll take care of packing her back pack for school, only to find when arriving at school that you only packed ONE of her shoes. (She's never forgotten her shoes...let alone just putting ONE in the bag!) Poor kid had pretty hot feet from spending the day in her snow boots. Oops.

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  1. these had me cracking up! I passed some along to Jason also-good thing you can look on the bright side! :-) karla