Monday, February 7, 2011

Book Review- Plain Wisdom

I recently joined a couple publishers blogging review sites. They send me free books in exchange for a review- cool, right?! I have finished my first book.

This is a book written by a best selling author and her dear friend, a member of the Old Amish Order. It was a delightful book- heartwarming, to say the least!

Each chapter has a topic and each woman writes a small bit on that topic; the book also contains, much to my delight, recipes referenced in their descriptions (YAY!). The title couldn't be more fitting. The book is filled with simple nuggets of wisdom that all women can relate to on some level, but that encourage and challenge the reader. I was glad to find, when I received the book, that the layout would lend itself to being read in small moments of time (like when I arrive a few minutes early for preschool pick up) and intended to keep it in my purse. Two chapters into the book, however, it was out of my purse and my "to dos" were put away. It was such a refreshing read, that I didn't want to put it down. It was well, but simply written so I finished it in two days (even with my three kids, whom, I promise, I did not neglect;)

Our lives are filled with joys and pain and through them we learn and grow. These women authentically share the things they have learned through good and bad. It was such a priviledge to read and filled my heart.

We all come from different places, were raised in different family cultures, have had different experiences that shape who we are, but God is the same. He has created each of us to love him, love others, and be loved in return. This book takes us on a journey of learning to do each one. I was reminded once again of the treasure that I have in my family and my need to not get caught up in busyness and miss what life has to offer me. I was challenged on how I often view myself and others. I was encouraged to hope and be joyful. It was like having coffee with a really good friend and finding myself energized.

While I will reread this book and certainly find more gems of knowledge, two chapters especially stuck out to me this time. Here are two quotes from said chapters:

"I had no more value after I became an author than when I was home tending to runny noses, little bumps and bruises , and laboring over hard-fought-for school lessons my children would never remember learning (even though the skill became a part of them). Our value can't be wrapped inside what others think or we think, because that is too dependent on this ever-shifting world. The value God places on us makes us more than we think we are, even on our hardest days, weeks, or years."

"When your friends aren't perfect, be grateful- because if they were you'd be the only one in the relationship who wasn't."

I encourage you to pick up a copy of this book (it will be release 3/15/11) or download it onto your eReader. You'll find a smile coming to your face and joy filling your heart.

(This book was given to be free from the publisher in exchange for my honest review.)


  1. Thanks, Kim for the info on the book review blogging. I have 2 books coming to me, and I'm so very excited! Great review, by the way!

  2. Sounds like a great book- and a great gig for YOU! Awesome- maybe you can save this and ship it if you ever send something....I LONG for good reads here!! They are precious!!!