Thursday, March 3, 2011

Adult Time

Last weekend, Marc had a "required" work function in New York City. The owner of Johnsonville was being award MVP 2011 by the Boomer Esaison Foundation (cystic fibrosis foundation). When you are invited, we were told, you "cannot" say no. So...we packed up all three kiddos, drove them to my moms, and flew to the Big Apple.

I lost many nights sleep over this trip. I have really struggled with weight after baby number 3, so having to buy a dress and get all glammed up was a bit stressful. (Why did I not appreciate my prebaby body!?) I felt a lot of pressure about the whole thing- mostly self induced, I must admit.

In the end, we had a great trip. I felt beautiful and we had fun. (I was also reminded of how much I love visiting the city and how grateful I am not to LIVE there!)

Friday Night we went to see "Spiderman" on Broadway. My hubby is a Spiderman fanatic and I have to admit the show was pretty darn cool.

At the benefit...
They had a great 80's band and handed out these groovy glasses...we were especially thankful that they could double as "gifts" we brought home to our children (cha ching!)

Ali and Christina (from America's Got Talent) sang (they both have Cystic Fibrosis). They are incredibly talented, but MORE importantly- they are SOO sweet!

I don't usually take pictures of myself, but since we forgot to take a full length picture together, I had Marc snap one when we got back to our hotel room so my out of town friends can see the dress I had a hard time describing to them over the phone...


  1. You look beautiful! You shouldn't have worried one bit!

  2. Gorgeous, darlin'! It looks like you didn't go with any shade of red lipstick-why not? And Ali and Christina could totally pass for your sisters, I think they look more like you than Kristin, Karla, and Katie!

  3. Love the dress! You look great!

  4. Wow- you both look amazing!! SO exciting to have some grown up time!! Yeah!