Thursday, February 17, 2011

What would I do without him?

Shout out to the single mama's out there. Your job is infinitely harder than mine. My hubby is out of town. I hate sleeping alone. I am usually pretty about getting to bed, but last night I procrastinated going to bed and then had trouble falling asleep once there. I wasn't necessarily scared, but restless. I definitely miss Marc.

As I lay awake tossing and turning my thoughts drifted to be thankful he was alive and that his absence was only temporary. My sister's good friend was widowed in her twenties with a young child. Who am I to complain about one night without my husband? How did she ever sleep? or did she have to just wait until sheer exhaustion took over?!

There are lots of reasons that I am thankful for Marc, but here's the couple that are at top of mind.

-He's big and strong and makes me feel secure at home. Truth be told if there was an intruder we'd both be scared out of our minds (he'd readily admit that), but something about his manliness makes me feel secure and I like that.
-He's the best snuggler.
-He scratches my back every night...and I love my back scratched. I think it's become part of my wind down routine;)
-He get's up with the baby.
-He get's up many morning and gets the kids breakfast so I can get another 30minutes of precious sleep!
-He helps get my sons energy out...and boy does that little guy have a lot of energy.
-He puts the kids to bed every night. They sure missed his presence in their bedtime routines!
-He's my friend and I love to talk to him about our days.
-We pray together every night. I, of course, do pray on my own, but I missed that connection before bed.

He's traveling a lot in the next few weeks (three place in the next week and a half alone). So I better make sure to appreciate him when he's home...still working on the encouragement challenge to help keep that top of mind;)

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