Tuesday, February 1, 2011

"If You Think My Hands are Full, You Should See My Heart"

I saw this quote on a t-shirt today and fell in love with it! I cannot tell you the number of times I am out with my three kids and I hear, "You really have your hands full, don't you?" Of course, it's usually said with a smile in kindness, but for some reason it just kind of annoys me. I politely just answer "yes", but the more authentic me is sayingto myself, "Gee, you think?" I don't know exactly why this annoys me. Perhaps I have some deep psychological issues or perhaps it isn't deep at all. Surely, there is a twinge of jealousy when a person shopping on their own says this to me. Let's face it, doing Target alone vs. doing it with three kids is completely different! (For those who've never had the opportunity to experience both, let me enlighten you. Doing it alone is fun, doing it with three kids is an adventure of varying levels of enjoyment/misery depending on the day and the said children's behavior.) Whatever the reason for my momentary annoyance, now I have a new response! Sure, it might be a little hair raising to do errands in 10 degree weather with three itty bitty's, but I love my life!
I don't know when or how that happened- or even why...my goodness on onlooker might think I'm insane to love this chaos. I mean today alone, my son has almost wrecked our plasma TV by throwing Sheriff Woody across the room to Buzz Lightyear. My daughter stuck stickers on my refrigerator that I needed to remove with GooBeGone (thank God for that stuff). My son took me literally when I told me to throw his lunch in the trash and literally THREW his plate from the table to the trash, splattering ketchup all over the kitchen floor and cabinets. All this and it is just after 12noon.

Yes, I live in Chaos, but I love these little boogers. My heart indeed is infinitely more full than my hands.


  1. I have been thinking about this comment a lot because I hear it at least once a week too (usually in the grocery store?) and sometimes it almost sounds critical! Way to counter it with something 100% positive!

  2. There is no question about how full your hands and your heart are. Being a good parent takes a lot of work and you and Marc are some of the best parents I know.

  3. I've heard that phrase before (from McKMama who has 5 kids 6 and under!) and have always wanted to say it back to someone, but have never had the guts!

  4. that is great- you go girl!...but Target by yourself...nothing quite like it :)