Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Day One

I've started the encouragement challenge. What a blessing already to be aware of my need to bite my tongue. Oh that God would help me be "swift to hear and slow to speak"! I journaled through all the reasons I am so glad to be Marc's wife. Had I more time of peaceful quiet by myself, I do believe I could have written a hundred pages. It's nice to take time to focus on the positve and I am finding myself completely humbled. My husband is such a gracious man and in our ten year marriage has learned, despite it not coming naturally, to be a servant. He is a godly man who easily admits his faults and will never stop working to make the grass on the other side look completely brown. He's quite simply, amazing and I do love him.

It's only day one and already I found myself "feeling" more love by "chosing" to being more loving. God is cool like that, isn't he? I am thinkin' this just might be a year we really celebrate Valentines and all it's cheesiness. Why not?! I am going to just bask in love and enjoy every cotton pickin' cheesy moment of it...romantic comedy, candles...and CHOCOLATE:)

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