Sunday, February 13, 2011


I turned 34 yesterday. I am not one to get too hyped up about age, but I am always aware as I get older that I never "feel" like the person I thought I would. When I was a kid 34 seemed old, then all of a sudden I'm 34. I certainly know myself better and I love my life, but I keep wondering if there is a day when you "FEEL" like a real adult. Sometimes I feel like my body is getting older and my mind in draggin' behind. I've still so much to learn, so much room to grow. Will I feel like I catch up to my age at some point?:)

My sister and her husband came up for the weekend. All I wanted for my birthday was some help with the kids so I could get my scrapbook area set up. The men folk watch the kids and Karla and I went to work. I now have a small scrappin' area in my large walk in closet. It isn't large, but I will sit right next to a window and it's all mine, so I think it will be a perfect escape. There aren't too many things just for me now a days; I feel like this is a gift that will keep on giving. I'll be able to escape and be creative now and then, I can make a card or two during nap time or spend a week working on a layout. I hope this will be something that will "fill" me...being creative usually does. I'm so thankful that they came up.

Last night we went to dinner and our good friends, the Steinke's drove up from Kenosha to join us. We laughed and stayed up too late, but my, did we have fun. There was a table near us that started singing happy birthday to their birthday girl, "Sarah". My crew couldn't be shown up so they then sang to me so loudly onlookers might have supposed they were drunk- they weren't, of course, just super fun! Not liking the fact that we bested them, Sarah's crew then sang even louder! I don't think I have laughed so hard in a long while. Sarah's friends even gave me a pair of sunglasses and a medal that said "winner". Sometimes the simplest things makes the evening spectacular. Good friends and lots of I ever blessed!

I have had 34 blessed years. Who knows what the future holds, but I hope God grants me 34 more! Maybe I'll even feel like an adult at that point;)


  1. Happy Birthday dear friend- sorry I did not send a card in time! Me=jerk, you= beautiful 34 year old!

  2. I knew I forgot another of my friends February birthdays! Happy really belated birthday!! I love ya!