Monday, December 1, 2014


My favorite time of year is here.  Advent has begun!

Marc bought us a beautiful new Advent Box.  It is a music box.  Each door plays a different Christmas carol.  Love the heirloom I know this will become!

Advent Day One-

It's Advent!  Advent is a latin word that means "coming".  We are celebrating the coming of Christmas day, the day that God became man and dwelt with us.  As we anticipate Christmas, we remember that we also anticipate Christ's return.  He WILL come again!

Today we will start our Advent book, wearing our brand new Christmas Jammies!  We will also start preparing our manger for the arrival of baby Jesus.  Remember, all month long when your behavior shows a heart that honors Jesus you will get to put hay in the manger.  Let's fill our manger with hay as a symbol of hearts that long to always honor and welcome Jesus.

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