Saturday, December 6, 2014


12/6/14- Time to have a bit of fun!  Bundle up everyone.  We all have tickets, come on let's go.  Time to ride a train with Santa.  Ho-Ho-Ho.

The kids loved our Park District's Polar Express ride last year and we were fortunate enough to get tickets again.  We love the book/movie and it's a great day of fun with our community.

Mr. Santa himself was there to greet us at the train station. 

When he visited us on the train, I transformed my little children into reindeer (I just can't resist light up noses- thank you Target)

I love that my big girl is not too cool to have fun...

and that my big guy enjoys getting into character and hammin' it up for the camera...

and that my sweet baby girl feel everything with every part of her being, including excitement....

and that my baby boy could not stop trying to figure out what made his nose blink.

The train took us to Gino's pizza in Wheaton where we had lunch and Santa read us Polar Express.

On the walk back to the train their was a french market and we stopped to browse...and we found Santa's Wife there making balloon animals!

Life can get crazy and it's easy to loose perspective, but a glimpse at these faces reminds me how stinkin' blessed I am.

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