Friday, December 5, 2014

Advent Day 5- Random Act of Kindness

Advent Day 5-  Tomorrow is Saint Nicholas Day.  Let's read a book about who Saint Nicholas was and then spend a night doing secret acts of kindness just like he did.

We love to celebrate Saint Nicholas Day.  He was a man who was generous in using what he had to care for others and spread the love of Christ through his unexpected gifts.  I put a bunch of random acts of kindness in a cup and each member of our family drew one.  It was SO much fun!

I printed off Random Acts of Christmas Kindness cards from this site.

We went to Potbelly's first for dinner.  Marc's Random act of kindness got scrapped cuz there was a man performing at Potbelly's and Marc felt prompted to give to him instead so he put a very large tip in the man's money jar folded up in the RACK note.

I drew "Leave a treat in a shopping cart for the next customer to find".  I LOVE Potbelly's cookies, so I choose to buy a dozen mini cookies and I left them in the top part of a shopping cart at Target.

Ava's RACK was "Tape $1.00 bills in the dollar spot at Target for other kids to find."  She LOVED placing them.

Phin's drew "Buy a gift card and give it to the person behind you in line."  Phin wanted to buy one at TJ Maxx;)  He was so cute walking up to a middle aged woman and saying, "This is for you!"

Chloe's RACK was "Bring hot chocolate to a Salvation Army bell ringer".  Unfortunately all the salvation army buckets near us were absent bell ringers as we were out and about.  It was a blustery even and we saw a young kid collected the carts at Jewel so we gave it to him.  He seemed totally confused...which is half the fun;)

Oh that I could have taken a picture of Christian's.  Christian drew "Buy a poinsettia and give it to a stranger of your choice."  We bought a poinsettia while at Target and he chose the women directly behind us in line.  She was so touched, she teared up.  We kind of had to explain because she was confused, but so touched that he chose her, she took a picture of him with her phone.  The best part of the night was walking away and being told by the friend shopping with her, "you have no idea how perfect his choice was idea."  They seemed deeply touched and blessed.  Christian can't completely process it all, but he seemed to walk a bit prouder.  He seemed to know he just did something really special.

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