Friday, December 12, 2014

Advent 12- Friends and Snow

12/12/14- It's SNOW DAY!  "What? There's no snow today!" you say.  That's okay!  We still will PLAY!

Marc and I were invited to a Christmas party.  My dear friend Nancy (seriously, I feel so bad for anyone who doesn't have her for a friend) suggested we get our kiddos together while we were at the party and share a sitter so they'd have a bit of a party themselves;)  There could not be a better day to share with friends than SNOW day;)

We had a kids against adults snow ball fight.  I hope my kids never outgrow this one...I LOVE it;)  And yes, my little Haitian chose to throw a beach ball too...

It's seriously amazingly fun to have an in door snowball fight.  You can buy super soft and amazing snowballs like we have here or just wad up paper.  

Our super healthy dinner....

Sugar 'em up and leave 'em with a sitter...we are "those" parents

Please, Lord, may she not outgrow my silliness too soon...

These two are two peas in a pod.

After dinner we headed off to our adult shindig and left the kids with the perfect Snow Day movie....and popcorn in a FROSTY tin (who could resist buying it?!)

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