Sunday, December 14, 2014

Advent 14- Oh Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas Tree

12/14/14- Good Things come to those who wait...It's time to take all that Christmas Cheer burning inside you and DECORATE!  Let's get that Christmas Tree up!!

Mama still was pretty under the weather but It's 9 days until Christmas!  The tree couldn't wait for health to arrive.  Couches are comfy and I am a good observer.  I have to admit...I couldn't help but feel a bit better as our ornaments that each mean something so special came out of storage and took their rightful place.

This years "new" ornaments that they picked which in Philly for vacation...

Yes, this is real and somehow we permitted this precarious ornament judgement must have been stunted by my foggy head.

I wasn't really feelin' up to crawling down and getting the Christmas tree skirt in place so my little gentleman did the honors.;)

I was so thankful I"d purchased these silly cookies on a whim while a Target.  I wasn't feelin' up to any silly supperness, but the kids were thrilled which store bought goodness.

It's been a weird Advent over here and finally feels normal now that our tree gives our evening their warm Christmas glow.  Is there anything cozier than drinking tea in a room lit only by a Christmas tree- indeed not.

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