Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Advent Day 3- Squeaky Clean

You know what's awesome.  It's 12/15....and my best intentions for Advent blogging went out the window and was replaced with sickness and parenting a my trauma kiddo who is apparently having some regression since traveling and coming home to this Advent thing that he loves but subconsciously sabotages.  So it's catch up day...(maybe next year that will be the Advent Theme of a day mid December...)

Advent day 3-

Jesus came to earth so that he could die to pay the penalty for all of our sins.  He rose again conquering sin.  Because of his death and resurrection, our sins are washed white as snow when we put our trust in him.  Let's celebrate by taking a Christmas Bath!

My bigger kiddos are getting a bit big for bath pictures so none to post.  We used our fancy schmancy nativity rubber ducks.  I ordered a second set this year so we could have girls in one tub and the boys in another.

And we used our Christmas confetti....all of it.  I usually just put in a couple sprinkles of each kind, but I forgot to explain that to Marc, who was doing bath duty.  He dumped in the entire amount from all three containers...our house will smell of Christmas until next year, I am sure.

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