Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Our life at the moment

First, let me just say Christian slept through the night last night.  It was SO nice to sleep all night long.  I don't know if it will continue but I will take it whenever he wants to do it;)

I think he started grieving a bit today.  We were looking at pictures of his friends and nannies.  Today he was very excited saying their names but afterwards wanted to just be held and wanted to be held a lot thereafter.

He also is wanting me and not Marc at nap/bedtime.  Today I went to Costco as Marc was putting him down.  Apparently he cried for a good few minutes.  Tonight I was trying to focus on Chloe and let Marc put him down but he fell apart and he couldn't be consoled at all by Marc.  He'll stop crying instantly when I come.  We'll have to learn the balance but for now we are meeting the need for him to feel safe and held.  He plays with Marc and has a great time with him.  If he needs me to put him to sleep, I can do that.

Things otherwise continue to go well.  He is just a lot of fun.  He is full of life just like our other kiddos.  It's fun to learn more about him each day and watch HIM learn about his new environment.

A few highlights for me:

-I wish I could bottle the joy and amazement the first time I turned on the dryer with him hanging on my leg.  HILARIOUS y'all!  My dryer has a window and he was pointing talking excitedly in toddler speak Kreyol and pointing.  He stood there amazed and giddy for quite a few minute and still loves to check it out whenever its on.

-He doesn't watch at all.  A WONDERFUL thing, except this is how I usually get a shower in the morning or have a quiet time;)

-He LOVES my sensory table.  It currently has dry beans in it and he'll play in it over an hour...perhaps my new shower distraction?

-He LOVES to be outside.

-He is SO SMART!  I mean REALLY, smart.  He imitates and communicates with motions AMAZINGLY'd think he'd been trained to do it.  He already puts his laundry in the hamper, his diaper in the diaper bin, lays down immediately when I put down a towel to change his diaper.  He is just a SHARP cookie.

-He has obviously been exposed to some potty training already.  He goes in the bathroom and says, "pee pee".  I take off his diaper, he lifts the seats, stands there a minute and then takes toilet paper and wipes himself.  Adorable.  He doesn't actually go, but if hey, any positivity in that direction, is okay by me.

-He loves to be tickled.  He'll come up to you and just raise his arm and point to his arm pit;) or point to his belly...or take his socks off so we tickle his feet.

-He is a good eater.  He'll make it known when he doesn't want something, but he's great about trying things.  He loves meat.  He hasn't had much fruit or fresh veggies and it took us a bit to figure out when we offer him fruit it must be room temperature for him to eat it.

-He is diggin' being able to have his sippy cup whenever he wants (at the orphanage that had special water times and then they'd be put away)...we wonder if it's becoming a security object;)

-He loves dogs in books and it's one of the words he's acquired already.  Our neighbors dog ran out when we were in the backyard today and started barking.  I think it's the first time he's seen a live dog.  It was hysterical.  He was shocked and not quite scared, but not quite happy.  He held my hand and stared and pointed.  Then he warmed up and started to run near the property line and away once he figured out the dog stayed put;)

-He did really well in a short car ride today so my anxiety about the car seat seems unfounded!

Here are a few more photos...we are enjoying our time just hanging as a family immensely.  Seriously folks, highly recommend checking out of life and just "being" together;)


  1. I just can't get enough of the pictures - love the updates! And, seriously, I wouldn't be being real if I didn't say that I am jealous that he slept through the night last night!!! XO

  2. since things are so busy, I am very glad to catch up on things with your blog! Loved reading this! He is amazing! :) karla

  3. wonderful! "all good" (in the words of Pete the cat) except...the bears jersey!!!

  4. I am also loving these pictures - so happy you have him home and praying that the transition continues to go smoothly and that you feel God's presence always!

  5. Love this Kim! Are your kids home all day or just in the evenings? I'm off facebook for a couple of weeks, needed to unplug. :)--Chassidy