Sunday, September 22, 2013

Homecoming Part 4- The journey HOME!


We are in the plane on the way HOME!  We got up quite early and Christian was up two time last night so we are very tired, but thankful.

The flight from Haiti to Fort Lauderdale was great.  HE seemed very nervous this morning but surprisingly relaxed when we said goodbye to Sonya and entered the airport.  I think believe it or not he was nervous we were leaving him.  WE WEREN'T:)  He was fine, playful, and seemed confident in airport.  He won't talk to strangers, of course, but was fine with us and playing back and forth between us.  He feel asleep on the plane before take off and woke up calm and sweet.

We got stuck in immigrations in Fort Lauderdale and missed our flight.  SO FRUSTRATING!  Who knew it would be so difficult!  We were there for two hours.  It was frustrating but we trust God has a plan.  Christian was fine, but tired and bored, I think.  There were no more Chicago flights and they wanted to put us STANDBY on a flight to Dallas and then Chicago...or have us wait until the morning.  We were kind but persistent and a manager approved giving us a confirmed seat from Miami.  We took an expensive 45 min. taxi ride to Miami, had dinner and a short wait- in which Christian was GREAT.  He even walked holding our hand.  We played hide and seek, peg board, etc.  Now we are flying HOME!

They flight attendants gave us white wine to celebrate;)

He again fell asleep, during take off this time...poor exhausted boy.  I was nervous getting dinner at the airport, not sure what he'd eat.  I knew he liked meat so I got him pasta with meat balls, but I ended up eating it cuz he got EXCITED when he saw my pizza.  Turns out he LOVES pizza. easy meal;)   Soon we get to be together as a family!  I cannot wait to see the other kids!

God has been so good and gracious.  I know we'll have hard days, but I just feel like God is caring for the needs of my heart as well as the kids.  I feel so known.  After this summer, I just am tired and spent and I feel like God keeps reassuring me, "I got this, relax.  I have your days ordained for you.  Don't worry."  I have to trust him with Chloe, Phin, and Ava and any difficulties they have with the transition.  He is reminding me that he is able to do IMMEASURABLE more than all we can ask or imagine!

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  1. LOVE reading the journey. God is so good, crying AGAIN!!! I am uploading photos RIGHT now and will get some goodies to you asap. And can I also say LOVE that you have a People Mag in your hand :)