Sunday, September 22, 2013

Homecoming Part 2- Picking up our Boy from His Creche

9/19/13- 4:30pm

Today was one of those days you just KNOW without a doubt was ALL God.  Last time we came to visit, the pick up happened fast and didn't allow for any transition time.  We got there, they handed him to us immediately and sent us on our way.  He hadn't seen Marc since October and Phin and Ava were there for the first time.  He FREAKED out.  Though he calmed within 10 minutes and wanted to come to me and we had a fantastic visit, I really wanted more transition time when we got there this time.  I wanted him to WANT to us.  I had emailed requesting this and Marc and I prayed, friends and family prayed too.  Honestly, I can't even begin to articulate how God BLEW OUR MINDS today.

First, when we got there, he wasn't shy at all.  He was genuinely happy to see us.  He was playful and immediately let MARC hold him, though him in the air, etc.  (Last visit, it took the entire week for him to let Marc hold him!)  The nannies were delighted to see us, grabbing us for photos, excitedly speaking to Christian about Mama Blanc and Papa Blanc (yes, they really call us white mama and white papa...and I am still not used to it after three previous trips;).

Not only did Sonia allow us a slow transition.  She planned for us to be at the creche the entire day.  Shortly after getting there, the nannies got out Christians book.  He LOVES his book and it is well worn.  He went through it with his friends and then with Marc while I sat next to them.  He actually SAYS "Ava", and attempted "Phin and Chloe".  It was so cool.

In Toddler Adoption it says transition is important.  They recommend whenever possible to have lots of picture of the orphanage, caregivers and friends and for the caregivers to "release" him, tell him "good bye", "it's good to go", etc.

Not only, did we get a TON of pictures...surprisingly the nannies were MORE than happy to oblige (we'll send them their photos with our Director in early October).  They had a Bon Voyage party complete with a sign (yay for something for the baby book) and CAKE!.  We played games, got to see him interact with friends, took photos of where he now slept upstairs, and the caregivers and all the kids said "Goodbyes".

I also had prayed for a chance to talk with Imelda the nanny he's attached to.  I had emailed requesting Sonia make time to translate so I could do this but Sonia didn't seem to understand, but the Lord provides.  A woman for Germany was there picking up her daughter and speak IMPECCABLE English.  She spoke to Imelda in french and translated for me. I got it on video;)  I asked if she had any special memories or words she would like for me to pass on to Christian.  I don't think she's ever been asked.  She at first said, "Sonia will tell you his story".  When I explained she had but we knew that Imelda cared for him and nicknamed him Tresor and we wanted to honor her by letting him grow up knowing she loved him from the first day he arrived, she seemed surprised but touched.  She said she loved Christian very much and she was the nanny he came to when he wanted things like sweets or water  or to hold him, but she couldn't think of a particular memory, but she said he likes games and machines with buttons;)  It was sweet and nice to have on film.  I was also able to verbally thank her for caring for him.

After lunch and the party.  We pack up.  All the nannies kissed him and the kids waved frantically and instead of me picking him up and taking him.  Imelda and Madame Michelle (the woman now in charge of the area (he is in with older kids now, Imelda is in charge of babies, but still sees him regularly) carried him to the car, kissed him goodbye and handed him to me.  ALL the children were at the gate with the nannies waving Goodbye.

He didn't cry, but he does look a little down this evening.  He is still fine with either Marc or I and is eating and rinking which is very good.  He is not pushing us away but is definitely a bit sad.

We were at the Creche from 1030-4.   It was  LONG day and Christian didn't nap because of the party so he fell asleep in the car.  He had lots of time with us and nannies, alone with nannies, playing with his friends.  I could not possible have asked for more.

It HAD to be God...I really believe he did a miraculous work in Christians heart just as we prayed.  He seems to know he belongs with us!  He has never called us Mama and Papa before but today he was calling us Mama and Papa nonstop.  To get our attention, to point to something he wanted.....AMAZING.  I end the day in complete awe and get with peace in my heart, "Isn't this just like God?"

We'll seep early tonight.  After I get Christian down, I have a few tears to shed.  Grateful tears, my heart is so overwhelmed but also sad tears.  There is a boy named Stefan, who has been at the creche since the earthquake.  His caregiver died, his mom was in jail.  He was up for adoption.  His mom was released two weeks ago.  Cannot care for him and has never visited him, but she will not relinquish her rights.  The creche is only for adoptable kids so he will move to an orphanage.  He'll grow up in an orphanage...and is isn't so nice as this creche.  At 18, he'll be turned out to the streets.  Sonia said, "It's heart breaking.  He needs a family and there is little hope for him now."  He's moving to the orphanage next Wednesday.  He is SO sweet and loves affection.  We gave him lots and played with him.  My heart is breaking.  I pray his mom gets her act together, get the help she needs, finds a job and can take care of him and be the mom he needs.  I pray for his precious little heart and that God will intervene to give this kid a future.

Lord, Thank you for today.  I can't articulate my heart.  I just know I need you and you are here and you are taking care of me, Marc, and the kids, and I thank you.  Please give us wisdom to raise all four of them.  It's a huge responsibility and we can't do it without you.  Amen.


  1. looks like it was a long day for Marc as well :)

  2. I am so overwhelmingly grateful for God's abundant answer to every single prayer. I know that as we pray for Stephan, God will be faithful to answer that prayer as well. "Thank you, Father, for protecting Christian's life and heart, and for showing us that, once again, all we have to do us trust. You're love is amazing and You love to give good gifts to your children. I can wait to see what you do next. Thank you for what you are going to do in Christians life, and Stephan's life. " :)