Monday, September 23, 2013

Homecoming Part 5- We've ARRIVED!

9/23- 1:30pm

I was too tired to write last night.  We arrived in Chicago and Many of our friends were there despite the late flight; my precious family was too.  It was SO amazing to hear cheers as we came down the escalator.  So many people love and support us, we are humbled.  I can't articulate how special this moment is and what an honor it is to share with people that love us!

Christian did great.  We were there about 20 minutes or so and he was fine, but tired.  Based on how well he did all day, I actually think he may have even smiled at these new faces had he not been so tired!  Ava, Phin, and Chloe are excited.

Christian fell asleep in the car on the way home.  Phin told us he thought the airport was overwhelming and I guess that means Christian must have found it even more so;)  Christian stayed asleep at home even though diaper and pajama change and got up about this morning at 6am.

He and the other kids are sleeping now after and amazing morning.  We are exhausted but I find it hard to nap today.  The hardest part, is just making sure the other kids have our attention too, and everyone is tired and a little needier than normal but over all it's been GREAT!  We have to stay engaged in play all the time, but that is okay.  Hannah is helping with clean up and being so amazing at giving us family time today.  I can't thank her enough for how she's helped us. She's a gift.

This journey has far to go and I can't wait to keep watching it unfold.  This kid is amazing.  He is playful, eating, wrestling with papa and the kids, but showing amazing signs of attachment.  Constantly coming back to one of us during play, calling me while he's play, asking for more food, wanting us to stay with him while he falls asleep.

 We looked at the pictures from the trip today of the creche and his friends.  The book says it's important in validating their grief.  He seemed like he was pondering it all as we looked  and wanted me to hold him, but no tears, just a lot of studying it.  We will continue to pray for his heart.

We read a book called Toddler Adoption that said the main difference between Toddler adoption and adopting a child is there is no Honeymoon Period in Toddler adoption.  I'll have to ask around to see how true this is.  I don't know if we should we waiting for everything to fall apart in 4-6 weeks or if the book is right and we are just really fortunate?  We'll energy to worry about it today;)  Even if life is going to crash, I am thankful for the precious moments of today!


  1. These are the best pictures in the world!!! I am sooo happy that he is so happy. I LOVE the one with Chloe behind the couch. She is loving being the big sister!

  2. I love all the pictures of your precious children! And Christian's smile is contagious! Every time I see his smile, I can't help but smile. Praying for you and your family that all the adjustments go smoothly!

  3. Beautiful update, Kim! And, be still my heart, that last photo, the way Christian and Chloe are looking at one another - LOVE IT. There already seems to be so much joy in the family dynamic, and man-o-man, Christian's smile is contagious! Much love and prayer to you as you take one day at a time.

  4. Dude, I've shed more tears these last days as I take in all your pics. I'm awed---just awed---at the light in the eyes, the joy on each face, the obvious oneness. Rejoicing, praying, and sending so much love! xoxo

  5. Awesome pictures! He looks so happy!