Sunday, September 22, 2013

Homecoming Part 3- Spending the day Bonding with our Boy

9/20/13- 3pm

Another GREAT day.  When we went to bed last night, Christian started to whimper a bit in the crib so Marc pulled the crib next to the bed and held his hand.  He went right to sleep and slept through until the morning.  He didn't cry when he woke up!  Another first (he always has before)!  He just sat up, looking around.  He is a slow wake up not unlike Chloe.  He had nasty diaper and was just kind of quiet and unemotive before breakfast.  He perked RIGHT up after food;)  The kid LOVES Nutella- how thankful I am that I just bought a huge jar before we left cuz his brother eats it like crazy too;)  He was all smiles and laughs as soon as he got some food and juice.  He does SO well communicating pointing to what he wants to eat and giving us yes/nos.  He is doing great at feeding himself now, but allows us to help him- a very good sign for attachment.

He also is trying to imitate words!  He now says, "car, dog, and clean up!"  That last one is hilarious!  He is a dumper, so I keep trying to teach him to pick up before dumping the next thing.  He is very compliant and loves the clean up song...I sang it a gazillion times today and now he joins in;)

We played with Sonia's toys here and when we started to get a bit clingy with me and not wanting Marc we took it as a clue maybe he needs a snack (they say blood sugar is a huge issue in orphans, so the general rule for new adoptive parents is eat every two hours) as it had been two hours since breakfast.  Again- perked back up.  We let him watch an episode of Dora so we could get ready for the day and then went outside for bubbles and to play ball.  I think his arm is even better than it was in April.  We have a little athlete!

He then seemed quite sleepy.  It was a full day yesterday and it was HOT in Haiti today.  We had to keep him up until lunch so we hunkered down in our air conditioned room and played blocks and watched one more show before lunch.

Nap time came immediately after lunch.  Just like bedtime we had to lay near him but he went to sleep.  I only held his hand for a minute and he let go and closed his eyes.  Again he woke up without CRYING!, though was pensive.

He is a very good imitator and quick learner.  He is attempting words, consistently calling us mama and papa, letting us feed him and then feeding us and FULL of mischief.  He likes to tease and laugh.  He is VERY FUN.

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