Saturday, September 28, 2013

Apple Picking

My last post was Thursday and that has proven to be our toughest day.  Chloe seems to have gotten her angst out of her system with her complete unravel on Thursday and is charming once again and seems to be thoroughly enjoying her brother.

Friday morning, Christian seemed be be even more sad and I wondered what the day would hold, but he also was running a fever.  He wanted nothing to do with Marc, would even cry when I left the room.  I gave him Motrin and when his fever broken he was happy as a clam and perfectly fine with Marc once again.  He's been really fine ever since.  He's just doing amazingly well.  He has slept through the night four nights in a row now...this is an enormous gift!  He is just a ball of smiles and cuddles and we are really enjoying all four of our kids.

One of our favorite fall activities is Apple Picking, so we decided since Christian seems to be doing so well and he loves the outdoors, we'd venture out of the house for a day and enjoy this beautiful fall weather.  I carried him in the Ergo carrier when we were near lots of people, but out where we were picking apples, we were by ourselves and he was happy to walk.  It was nice to feel "normal" for a day, though we are very tired this evening.  No one knew we were in the middle of this huge life change, we were just another family with four kids.  It felt like a little glimpse of the future...when we will feel normal all the time;)  (Right now, things are going well but still feel palpably fragile most of the time.)

Yay- all four of our kiddos in one picture...can I say how much I LOVE THIS!

 Chloe and her Hannah

I am blessed beyond measure...

In search of the "good trees"


Christian LOVED carrying his apple bag;)

This girl is ALWAYS climbing trees;)

Ava and I HAD to get the beautiful apples at the top of the tree...

Family Picture

Our extended family picture;)  What will we do when Hannah leave us?;)

Christian Chillaxin' with mommy while other kids play

Duck/water racing

I don't know what you call this air bouncy trampoline thing, but the kids loved it.

Chloe LOVED being a farm girl


A peaceful ride home...

Sunshine and fresh air lead to good naps;)

I feel so content and blessed.  Four sleeping kids upstairs and a dining room table full of apples ready to be turned into yummy things tomorrow.  A full, wonderful fall day, what more could I ask for?

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  1. Everytime I read your blog, I get goose bumps!! So happy for you and your beautiful family. My thoughts and prayers are with your family daily..