Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Silly Supper x 2

While we were away for the weekend in California my sisters kindly did Silly Suppers with my children. Here are pictures of the delight they experienced;)

Rainbow Dinner

 Making Rainbow Rice for the Sensory Table
Playing with the rice
Decorations;)  (I mean this makes me happy just looking at it;) 

Rainbow Attire (this is Chloe and my neice, Mia;) 

 Rainbow Fruit Plate

 Rainbow food- ketchp is red, chicken nuggets orange, cheese yellow, peas green, and they made the ranch dressing bluish purple

My youngest sister- Katie

And my younger sister, Karla (Mia's mama)

For dessert?  Rainbow Cupcakes, of course!

Around the World Supper

My sister, Katie, made placemates to represent different countries.  They had tropical juice, pasta, quesadillas and fortune cookies.

The kids favorite part were the "mustaches" so they could pretend they were Italian men- LOL.

They still talk about these crazy things;) 

Is there anything better than a baby covered in "sketti"?

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