Friday, May 18, 2012

Dossier in the Mail

A Dossier is a collection of documents ALL about us that we send to our adoption agency and then on to Haiti to apply for adoption.  It pretty much leaves no stone unturned from detailed financial and insurance records to blood tests.  They'll know everything about us.

It takes quite a bit of work to assemble.  Everything has to be notarized and notarized very specifically so sometime letters need to be redone.  We had been waiting on a letter form our physician about our health. He had to go get it notarized, etc.  We finally got it and yesterday I checked and rechecked multiple times before sending off our hopes and dreams in a little envelope;)  Actually it was a pretty sizable envelope;)

We've now done pretty much all we can do, with the exception of some immigration follow ups once we have our referral (referral meaning- when we know who our child(ren) is).  I have been done with anything in my control since March, except this mailing, waiting on things from others, but this really feels out of our hands now, because it is.  The agency has it all;)  We now trust them with; no we trust GOD for his perfect timing.  Let the exciting and excrutiating waiting commence!


  1. What a happy day! So thankful that the ball can finally start rolling!

  2. Yay!! what a happy day indeed! so special to know that little Aneed is out there somewhere waiting just as you are...can't wait to hear about the referral! Love,Karla

  3. It's crazy to think what the next step is - after all the details gathered so far - I pray the wait seems like nothing!