Sunday, May 27, 2012


Since moving I posted more than my share of musings on friendship.  I am sure some of you are sick to death of hearing about it, but I really think the Lord is teaching me so much.

We are in a caregroup with some amazing folks.  People that I cannot wait to keep growing with.  People that I love very much.  Yet even as we left on Friday I realized we are still learning so much about each other.  There is so much about me, they have yet to learn.  Not because I've been hiding anything, just because it takes time to learn ones life story, quicks, strengths, weaknesses.  It takes time to learn when one is being realistic or when they are being too hard on themself.  Time.  Friendship builds over time.  There is something new and exciting about discovering these things and I find it humbling that these amazing women want to take that journey with me.  A blessing.

Today, an old friend and her kids came to visit.  Her husband is out of the country and she came just to hang for the day.  There is great depth in this friendship.  We have had time- lots of it.  Today I was blessed by being known.  I processed through some of the stuff I am currently being challenged by in parenting my oldest and she gave such good perspective because she has known Ava from Birth and knows me so very well.  She could encourage and affirm that I wasn't giving myself enough credit.   She affirmed so much; God used her today.  I felt known and loved and again humbled at this amazing woman who has journeyed with me for the past 10 years.  A blessing.

New friendship and old.  New friendship full of possibilities and old friendship that gives me great insight into what the possibilities can be.  God is good.  He made us for community and I am so thankful for friendship and love and a God who really does meet needs I can't articulate in ways I couldn't imagine.


  1. Have I mentioned how glad we are God brought you to us? Thanking Him for you...for slow-building, rich friendship...for so many reminders of His loving care and faithfulness. So thankful to share life with you guys. XO

  2. yeah- Amen to this sister...can't wait to catch up and be the body to each other!