Thursday, May 24, 2012

Muffins and Fonduta

Today was a day of ups and downs.  I had a WONDERFUL morning with a friend, complete with chocolate cheesecake muffins.  I mean what a start to a day;)!   The afternoon, however,  was less than stellar.  I think my little Chloe is getting sick because she was CLINGY and WHINEY all afternoon.  My head was pounding by the time Marc walked in the door and I hadn't been able to get a decent dinner together.  Did I mention the old crazy cardinal is STILL attacking our house?  He is currently sitting on top of our sunlight and pecking away....enough to ignite my angry streak when I have a headache brewing;)

Marc waltzed in oblivious to the chaos but my face gave away my misery.  My Knight took over.  Held Chloe (my back is extremely thankful), fed the kids hot dogs, and suggested yummy take out.

We have an little Neopolitan Pizzeria in town, called Il Ritrovo that is amazing.  It would be amazing by Chicago or New Yorks standards- it's amazing period.  I love food and good food sends me to a happy place.  This little pizzeria has an appetizer called Fonduta al Forna.  Picture a terra cotta little pot filled with melted fresh and smoked mozerella and San Marzano tomatoes topped with thinly sliced prosciutto that was baked just long enough to crisp but not brown.  Fabulous doesn't begin to describe it.

Now I was pretty sure in my "feeling sorry for myself" mode that Fonduta could not be made "to go" and I was going to "settle" for a pizza (they are amazing in their own right), but I figured, I better just ask before assuming.  Guess what?!  They DO make Fonduta "to go."  I miss the terra cotta pot a teeny weeny bit, but mostly I am in HEAVEN.  Cheese, tomatoey, salty GOODNESS.  Mama is happy, happy, happy.

I am so glad God made food and tastebuds and such.  I mean really, he might have done it just for me.  Life just wouldn't be the same without the YUM factor.  What a gift!

Sure, I got a bit grumpy there for a few hours, but God bookended my day with a wonderful friend and muffins and the world's best husband and Fonduta.  He's got me more than covered and I can just say, "I totally don't deserve it, but THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!"

Now, off to take a hot bath, pop more tylenol, and cozy up with a good book.


  1. Smiling at the thought of you and your fonduta, knowing how much you love it! So glad God sent you reminders of His love...praying for you today!

  2. Grace in food form and the love of those in our lives smart and compassionate is HE!?