Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Where's Chloe??

I have been working on the post for a couple weeks...remarkable really since usually my posts are random ramblings of the moment;) Everyone keeps a blog for their own personal reasons. Mine is like a journal....things I want to remember, recall, cherish. This stage with Chloe, as frustrating as it may be at times, I want to remember. She is adorable. She is sneaky as can be and the most silent little hider I've ever had. Frequently, we will all be in a room when suddenly one of us notices that little Miss Chloe has silently departed the premisis. "Where's Chloe?" is almost always followed by finding her sitting among a mess- Queen of her Mischeif. Here are a few of the "Where's Chloe?" moments we've had the past couple weeks....

AYE....I know I'll miss this some day;)


  1. I remember Harry going through this stage. If no one would notice him missing *he* would say (from whatever disaster he created) "Uh-oh... wook what Ha-wee is doin'!" and tattle on himself! These are certainly precious times! I think your little collage would make a precious memory book! ♥

  2. so funny! I love it :) Its crazy that in these pictures I can see mom at times, Katie at times, you at times....she is definitely a good mix of her family!:) Love this little girl! -Karla

  3. Oh Kim~somehow your blog always makes me feel better! The games.....that is the one that drives me insane!