Friday, February 3, 2012


I actually don't really like acronyms, but I find myself saying, "TGIF" alot on Fridays. So much so, that I find it annoying to even myself.

Still any other mamas out there find themselves LIVING for Fridays;)

As a kid, you count down the days to the weekend. It means sleeping in, extra time with friends, freedom from the constraints of a school day.

As a working woman, it sort of meant the same....freedom from responsibilities and was EVEN BETTER than Fridays as a kid cuz I never had homework hanging over my head.

As a mom, it never means freedom from responsibilities, but it does mean help. It means I have a partner for the day, someone to tag team with. If I am cranky or losin' it, he can take over. On the weekends, I can actually take a shower or use the bathroom all by myself. No trying to go potty while an 18mo. old tries to climb on my lap or help me wipe. On the weekends, I get to sleep in one day (Marc gets the other). On the weekends, I get help with dishes and laundry and such. When the day goes awry and the kids suddenly act like hoodlums, I get to meet someone's eye who also thinks, "WHOSE KIDS ARE THESE AND WHERE ARE MINE?" and we can laugh together. Yep, on the weekend my best friend is home...

As a wife, it means my husband is around full time for 48 hours. It means random kisses on my cheek, just because. It mean when I am melting down, an arm holds me up. It means when the kids go to bed....okay that is none of your business.

Annoying acronym or not, I am VERY thankful it's Friday. T minus three hours until my best friend and husband walks through the door...I am giddy with excitement.

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  1. LOVE it ~ I feel the same way! Makes me think of Ecclesiastes 4:9-12. Enjoy your weekend with your best guy and family. XO