Thursday, February 2, 2012

Thankful Thursday

I am so weepy this week.  I am so in awe of God's hand in my life.  He is such a Good Shepherd.  I just feel like his rod and staff have been guiding and comforting me all week long.  It BLOWS my mind again and again that the God who created the ENTIRE universe somehow is personal.  He comes after his sheep, he meets our needs and some of our wants, he leads and guides each of us.  I can barely shepherd three children.  I mean seriously- He is so beyond Awesome.  My mind can't comprehend it!  "Who am I that [He] is mindful of me?"

As he gently convicted me of discontentment, as he showed me that he was stripping away distractions, taking me out of my comfort zone- bringing me into a deeper relationship with him, he is also showing me many many reason to offer thanks.  It's amazing when you start counting your blessings, you start to realize there isn't enough paper in the world to record all the deeds he has done.  Still, today I wanted to record a few of the things I've been pondering with a grateful heart:

1) A friend who stopped by with cupcakes and chocolate, just so I would know "I was loved in Sheboygan"
2) A women's bible study that is reading Satisfy My Thirsty Soul along with me and Rejoiced with me as I shared how God spoke to me through it
3) playdates for my children
4) Kari Jobe's new CD
5) music
6) Chloe's laugh
7) Ava sense of humor
8) Phin's zest for life
9) Knowing without a shadow of a doubt that my husband loves me
10) my sisters
11) phone calls that come just when you need it
12) moms group
13) the sunsets out my window
14) a fireplace
15) a garage
16) my parrish nursing course and the women in my church taking it with me
17) Sheboygan Christian School
18) Just Dance Kids 2 for the Wii
19) my eyes- the ability to read
20) Dove Dark chocolate with raspberry
21) cards and emails from friends
22) a certain someone who has offered to bring me McD's coke on numerous occasions, embracing my ridiculous addiction
23) really cool neighbors
24) wild turkeys and deer in my very own back yard
25)  hot water

Should I stop there?  I could list another million things.  God has blessed me through people here and away this week in ways I couldn't have anticipated.  He has blessed me through his word, through music, through my family, through nature....I can only bow down and say, "thank you, thank you, thank you"


  1. I'm so with you on the enjoying the blessings of chocolate and Just Dance Kids. Your friendship is on my list of things of I'M thankful for! love, dre

  2. It makes me so glad to know that God has used so many different means to remind you that you are loved and cherished, friend. Joining you in thanks with a joyful heart...

  3. I love this picture and would also love to frame that concept for my house-what a good reminder that yes, our cups runneth over!-karla