Thursday, February 23, 2012

I'm 8 shades of crazy

Every fall Ava's school has an auction fundraiser.  It is a fun night and exciting to be apart of supporting the school.  This year I tried to think about what we could donate.  We don't own any vacation property, we aren't especially skilled and I didn't think anyone would bid on "take my kids for a day";)  I remembered last year, a chinese dinner going for a heck of a lot of money and realized cooking might just be my key to contributing.  Sheboygan has a small restaurant scene- a cool feature in a small town, but we lack diversity in cuisine and are limited ethnically.  I happen to be married to a hot Lebanese dude and I learned to make food to suit his fancy shortly after we were married.  The Lebanese do this cool thing called Mezze which is sort of like Tapas except 20-30 dishes are served.  Some people do it simutaneously, some divide it up from lightest to heaviest dishes, but the ambiance is the same.  Sit back and nibble a ton of different items, hot and cold, while chattin' with you friends or family.  So....I donated a Lebanese Mezze.

This weekend the family who bought it is cashin' in.  We just got back from vacation and are recovered from a stomach bug earlier in the week, so I have been trying to catch up and I don't want this to be a stressful thing.  I want to do it with joy because a)I like to cook and b)it was a choice to do it.  Still, I had to sit and get really organized on how I'll get all the cooking done (making so many dishes is an all day affair to say the least).  I also have to make a little jaunt down to chicago for the baked goods and some supplies I can't get here...this easily could lead to Ms. Control Freak feelin' stressed and out of control.  I am headed to Chicago tomorrow, have my kids spending the day with friends and am looking forward to the quiet car rides to continue to pray through some stuff God is doing in me this week.  The only glitch I kept coming across (because we have plans tomorrow night here) is when I'd get to the grocery store to get the items NOT at the Lebanese Market (Marc is out tonight and I had plans this morning, my kids nap in afternoon).  I was considering getting up at 5am and going when I thought, "Man, I wish we had Peapod in Sheboygan."  SO here is the crazy move that is making me delightfully happy- I ordered Peapod to deliver groceries to my sister's house in Chicago.  When I stop to drop off some stuff at her place in the morning, my groceries will have just been delivered.  Sure, I paid a $7 delivery fee, but boy did it make my life easier AND I have ordered Lamb from them before and I know it's good.  I was planning on a separate trip to the butcher here on Saturday morning and wondering what I'd do if they didn't have Lamb shoulder....cha ching.

Sure, I am crazy as heck to be ordering groceries to a place two 1/2 hours from my home, but also sort of brilliant, right?  I'm doing a happy dance;)


  1. Your dinner is going to Rock, Kim! I buy a crawfish boil dinner (hosted at the donator's home) at the Pilgrim School auction because you simply can't find that sort of entertainment here in Chicago. If you can engage the guests somehow by having them chop or toss a salad, they may appreciate that too. My kids love "salting" the live crawfish. Have fun!

  2. I'm glad it all worked out! I think Marc is really the brilliant one for marrying a girl who loves to cook and does it as well as you do :-) karla

  3. You *are* crazy, but it's definitely a GOOD crazy! How fun to do that sort of thing and you are going to bless the socks off that family. Super duper smart about using Peapod. I LOVE Peapod. Super good quality stuff they bring, too. Way to use your resources. :D Way to go!