Saturday, February 4, 2012

I am sitting at the computer going cross eyed as I do my homework for my online course on Faith Community Nursing. I am zoning out, anxiously trying to finish when the door from the back yard opens and my little girl comes in.

Ava: Excuse me, mom.
Me: What's up, babe.
Ava: I have something I need to tell you.
Me: Is it important, sweetie, cuz I am trying to finish my homework so I can play with you guys.
Ava: It is really serious.
Me: Ok- go ahead
Ava: Um...when i was in rest time and you told me to sleep. I stole a piece of candy and I ate it.
Me: Where did you steal it from?
Ava: It was in my back pack so I sneaked down the stairs and got it when you weren't looking. I wanted to say I am sorry, cuz I shouldn't have sneaked and I shouldn't have eaten candy when I was supposed to be resting.
Me: Okay, baby girl. Thanks for telling me. I forgive you.
Ava(flashing her big partially toothless grin): GREAT! Thanks mom. Papa did too. Man do I feel better;)

My heart is gushing. God is at work in my precious little girl. I am so proud of her. I would NEVER have know this. I didn't even know there was candy in her back pack. I don't really care that she had candy. I am THRILLED that her heart is soft to a seemingly "little" thing. Wow, what a precious, precious moment! These are the times you just thank God for letting your participate in raising witness his work in their little hearts. Priceless.


  1. that is the best thing when your kids do this. I remember a couple of times that the girls would tell me confessions.....

  2. This is so beautiful! So precious :)

  3. love, love, love it. It makes me remember when I would work up the courage to ask Mom and Papa to forgive me a time or two, and how good it would feel to be forgiven and have no more guilt! A soft heart is a precious gift! :) Karla