Friday, February 3, 2012

An opportunity to help the Lost get Found

A couple weeks ago my friend Carla sent me a link to a give away for an American girl doll.  The give away is a fundraiser put on by a young lady who has a heart for orphan's she is currently fundraising for two "waiting" children so when their families find them there are funds already available towards their adoption.  I read through this girls blog and I was struck by how much one person can do; a young person at that.  I read the stories of these children and I wept.  Heath especially caused my heart to ache.  Can you imagine spending 10 years with no parent, no one to hug you, no one to tuck you in at night.  I wish wish wish we were in a place to take him into our home- his needs are significant.  The physical needs would be the least of them.  His attachment issues would be great and I know unless God tells us he wants us to do this, we probably can't care for him properly with three little ones underfoot.  What I do know is that God has laid him on my heart and I've begun to pray for him every moment he crosses my mind, which is often.  I am praying for a couple to see him and fall in love, to offer him arms that will hold him for the next 10x10 years.

The fundraiser has SOOO many items up for "winning".  The grand prize is an American girl doll, but there is a ton of other stuff that is super cool.  At the very least, take a minute to just check out the girls blog.  It is very, very cool.  You'll be blessed and you just might find yourself putting $10 toward a little girl or boy who needs a forever family.


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