Wednesday, February 22, 2012


After the Disney Cruise, we drove over to Tampa to visit my Grandparents.  It is such a precious priviledge to visit with them and my Uncle's family.

Ava loves catching Gekkos much to my chagrin.;)  This little guy was actually pretty cute;) 

Chloe loves cleaning the pool! 

They have birds like crazy in the yard and we fed them enough bread to last them until we visit next year!

 My kids hanging with Grandpa
Phin would just crawl up and sit with Grandpa, unprompted.  He's a man's man and a cuddler;)

Ava and Grandma making cookies 

 My Granparents are just amazing...plain and simple.  I cherish every moment with them.

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  1. I love this post...thanks for sharing picturs of Grandma and Grandpa! I also can't get over how cute that little blond haired bug is by the pool in just her diaper....LOVE IT! Karla