Saturday, March 5, 2011

For your enjoyment....

My friend Nicole does "Fess Up Fridays" on her blog and admits to the world the "stupid" things she's done during the week. Of course, they are never really THAT stupid, but that always give me a good chuckle at the end of the week. Props to you Nicole, here are mine, in return...

This week for me was weird. I don't know exactly where my head's been. The kids have been grumpy, I haven't been sleeping well and I just felt off all week. This is never a good thing for my already failing mind! I've had a few doozies this week.

1) Got a message Thursday at 3pm (because I didn't check earlier) from my friend Sommer. She left it Wednesday at 9:30am wondering if I was still coming over. I never came over or even remember making plans this week with her. Poor Sommer. One of us was WAY wrong...most likely me. Thankfully she likes me anyway and we'll get together THIS week;)

2) I arrived to bible study Tuesday night and the leader said, "Did Jan change her mind about coming?" OOPS! Forgot to call Jan and see if I could give her a ride to bible study! She is an older disabled lady from church who had mentioned to the leader she may be interested in coming, but she didn't have transportation. Last week I had offered to call her and to give her a ride. Thankfully when I called to apologize and see if I could give her a ride this week, she told me she had decided to stick with the study she was already in because Tuesdays were already a busy day for her. She hadn't even expected my call or thought anymore about the study...but STILL I had completely forgotten...and it was written in my planner, which I failed to even peruse on Tuesday;P

3) My friend Laurie was over yesterday afternoon. I decided we were having pizza and since she didn't know what they were having either, I invited her to stay and her husband drove up and joined her. I ordered pizza from Papa John's online, which I have done numerous times. When it seemed like over an hour was far too long to still be awaiting our delivery, I decided to call and check on the progress. When I opened up the webpage to look the order number I noticed my confirmation said, "your order will be ready for PICK UP at 5:30"...oops forgot to click delivery! Three hungry kids and four hungry adults later, I realized my mistake and the hubbies ran to grab the food. oops...AGAIN!

4)While eating dinner with them, Phin got in trouble (you'll find it no surprise that I can't recall what he did) so I sat him on the stairs for a time out. We resumed our chatting. About 15 minutes later he peered around the corner and smiled. I then realized he was still in time out. OOPS...but how nice that he obediently stayed there!:) Guess we better start using an actual timer, huh? (Laurie, by the way, laughed and said. It did seem like a long time, but I didn't want to interfere with your parenting!;)

5) I left the whites in the washer for two full days and had to rerun the whole load.

I am sure there are tons more...but the rest of the week is kind of a blur.

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