Saturday, March 26, 2011

Book Review- Couples Who Pray

I just finished reading "Couples Who Pray Together". I highly recommend you read it too!

The book is filled with true examples of couples who have strengthened and even saved their marriage by praying together. The book includes a 40 day prayer challenge, with the promise that if you commit to doing the challenge, your marriage will improve.

Marc and I already pray together almost nightly, but this book was challenging. We often are tired or spend our time interceding for others. What will happen if we start pouring our hearts out before the Lord with one another, thanking him for all his blessings, but also asking for things personally in our marriage and in our family? The beauty of this book is that everyone can learn something whether prayer would be a new practice or whether, as in our case, you can deepen the practice already in place. I was challenged to commit more time to our prayer life so we can deepen the way we pray with one another.

The book encourages you and gives you tools to find the right time, format, style for each individual couple. While we aren't yet to the end 40 days of the challenge, it is obvious to me that couples who decide to commit to the challenge and complete it will be unable to remain static in their marriage. Praying together is intimate. Choosing to pray with your spouse is choosing to open your heart to them in a new way.

This book is an easy read, but a challenging read. Marriage are falling apart in this country. Oh that more people would read this book and embark on the prayer challenge and make the old addage true "the couple that stays together prays together".

I'll update you at the end of our 40 days;) I adore my husband, but who doesn't want their marriage to be even better?

(I recieved this book free from the publisher in exchange for my honest review).

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