Sunday, March 6, 2011

FINALLY...a green he will eat!

My son is a picky eater. No matter how reassuring the doctor is or how much I try to calm myself, I totally experience anxiety about this! He eats all fruits and so we offer him fruits at every meal. But since stopping baby food (which, by the way, he would never eat now) he has yet to eat any vegetable except corn (and really, does corn count!?). Hiding it in food does not work. He will somehow find each tiny morsel and spit it out or refuse to eat all together. He used to eat most meats, but now has huge texture issues and will only eat cheeseburgers (if the patty is pounded VERY THIN), chicken nuggets, and hot dogs. He does thankfully love eggs and cheese. He has NEVER drank more than a sip of milk since we took his bottle away a year ago (despite being offered it daily), but he does consume large quantities of yogurt and cheese (as previously mentioned). He will not try anything new and I do mean anything unless it is some kind of snack or candy, which he seems to have a magnetic relationship to. If it is junk food, he'll eat it no matter where he finds it. The kid would never eat a fresh carrot, but if he finds an old dried fruit snack in the car, he'll crunch it. He frustrates me and I have to DAILY force myself not to fight him re. food. Oh, I've had failed moments. I have tried to force bites in his mouth, I have tried to bibe him with sweets if he'd only try ONE bite of a new luck. The kid is taking all his two year old issues out on food and I am left pulling out my hair while he happily drinks his juice and eats ketchup by the spoonful. I refuse to give him hotdogs for all meals and so he is steadily losing weight. I am just thankful he had so much chub to begin with!

Recently I started buying Veggie Booty again. I used to buy it regularily but got sick of it myself and then sort of forgot about it. When Ava was a baby she'd eat it like it was crack or something. I was sure it would be a win with my little snack fiend, but his snack and vegetable radar were in full force. Somehow he just knew it was coated in broccoli and spinach powder and he refused to even try the stuff. I even called it "Oscar the Grouch snack"...the kid loves Oscar, but still not even a bite, not even a lick of the stuff. I have been determined to get him to eat it, so I keep putting it on his plate. Ava and Chloe devour it- he lets it be...UNTIL YESTERDAY!

I was laughing with Ava about how it crunched and he got up and left the table. Out of the corner of my eye I saw him steathily turn his back and slip a peice into his mouth. Talk about control issues! He totally tried it on the sly. I made sure to keep quiet even though I was dancing inside and sure enough my little man came back to the table and ate ALL of his Veggie Booty. My son has finally eaten something GREEN! Sure, it isn't actually of much nutritional value, but darn it, it is a start. I am amazed. Hopefully, soon he'll quit playing with his broccoli trees and slip one of those puppies in too!

At first, he still examined every tiny green peice;)

He ate them all and even asked for MORE!

(He finally noticed I was taking pictures;)

No more bite examination...this snack is now officially welcomed into the "stuff my mouth as full as I can" category!

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