Monday, March 7, 2011

I don't mean to toot my own horn or anything, but....

I Rock! That is right. I rock.

My husband has been gone all of four hours and in my mad rush to get Ava to school, I grabbed the spare set of car keys; no time to find my set. The problem is the spare set is JUST car keys. It seems my little son was playing with the lock on the door from the house to the garage. I went to open it upon returning home and found it locked. I could only laugh. I mean REALLY...of all days! We don't have a hide-a-key cuz we have one of those spiffy code box things that opens the garage door. Guess those don't work so well if the door from the garage to the house is locked.

I first tried to somehow open the door with a credit card. Those cop shows make it look easy. My card kept getting stuck. I am not quite sure how to make that one work. I mean it didn't seem to be doable. I could have tried for the entire day and don't think I'd have made any progress. But just having a go at it made me put on my "determination" hat. I got back in the car and we took a little trip to Walmart. I bought a flat head screw driver for 82 cents.

We got back home and I got the door open in TWO tries and about 1 minute. I did a little happy dance. Phin joined the jig and began saying, "we got it open, we got it open." Funny how it became "we", but I guess he thinks watching counts as helping;)

I am thinking I can spend all the money I saved on a locksmith all to myself. Anyone think I could convince my husband of that?

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