Friday, March 18, 2011

Ava's Fifth Birthday Party

Ava's Fifth Birthday Party was last Saturday. I have intended to upload pictures and a post all week, but my younger two have been sick and I've just not had time to sit at the computer. So here is my late post;)

One of my favorite things about Motherhood is planning and throwing birthday parties. I love making the experience special for my kids. I want the day to be dreamy for them. I want to make memories for them AND for each kid that attends. It's also just a wonderful creative outlet for me!

This year Ava wanted a Toy Story Themed shindig. Toy Story is huge around our house so coming up with ideas wasn't difficult, making a cohesive party the end result was;) Still, I think we ended up with a great event. Mostly importantly my little girl loved her special day!

Ava dressed up as hair and all;) My mom made Ava cow print chaps to go with her Jesse T-shirt.

My Mom made Ava's bitty baby a matching "Jesse" outfit (awesome grandma;)

Ava's friend Sofia also decided to dress up.

Can't have Jesse with out a Woody, now can we. (Yes, my mom made his chaps too)
What's a grandma to do with extra cow print fabric...why a vest for baby sister, of course!

Ava's best buddy Charlotte came all the way from Chicago! How special is that!?

Why we were waiting for everyone to arrive, the kids were given empty "goody" bags. They had to make them into "Potato Heads", but their options were many:)
After everyone had arrived and made their bag, we went down stairs for carnival style games, with prizes to be had for all....token prizes for trying with some pretty good stuff for winners. We split the kids into four teams so no one had to wait too long anywhere. Game #1- bean bag toss.

Game #2- "The Claw" (They got to reach in with the claw and try to get the "alien" but there were also many other objects, like silly putty, play dough, etc. If they got an alien...they got to get a bigger prize from the basket.)
Game #3- "There's a snake in my boot" (They had to throw four tiny rubber snakes and get the in a cup or for a really big prize in the miniature cowboy boots.)

Game #4- Buzz's Shoot Out (Used nerf gun to knock down Sid, Al, Zurg, and Prospector)

Game #5- Woody's Roundup- They all got three tries at lassoing our rocking horse...surprisingly two kids were able to actually do it.

Finally- everyone got a hit at the pinata, which needed to eventually be whacked by Uncle Jason so that the massive amounts of candy inside could be added to their goody bags.

The birthday girl with her fifth birthday cake.

Blowing out her candles.

Here are most the munchkins...a few had to leave before we snapped the photo. Cuties, huh?


  1. amazing party- great job Kim! You make it so special in a creative way. Love her hair :)

  2. FUN! Wish we could have been there! hope you got the package! Can't believe it has been 5 years!

  3. These are terrific pictures, wish we had been there ,amazing party , so creative ,Ava is a star with her lovely red hair,

    Grammy & Babbo