Sunday, July 10, 2011

A Very Special Mommy Date

Periodically, I like to take the kids on a Mommy Date. One on one time with me is very special to them. Traditionally, they are very simple- out for ice cream, for example. They get thrilled to have my attention all the themselves. It honestly doesn't matter what we do!

Today, I really felt Ava needed one of these dates. She is at a very special age. She gets really emotional and I just sensed she needed to feel encouraged today. She needed a reminder of how very special she is to me. It was especially easy to get excited about, because she's been a very easy kid, compliant and helpful the last few days- not that my love is conditional, it's just been a great couple days. I was thrilled for a chance to just have fun with her and not be giving her chores ;0)

I spoke with Marc this morning about taking her to get her ears pierced. When she originally asked me (at age 4) she caught me off guard. I told her she had to wait until she was 6. Now there is nothing wrong with waiting, I just had no good reason for picking 6. I thought I was 6 when I did my own, turns out I was 8, my little sister was 6. I'd noticed most of her friends have theirs ears pierced and though there are plenty of times her friends will all be doing something we won't let her do, this seemed like a relatively innocent thing. Marc and I talked about it and decided it would be a great surprise for her.

I couldn't WAIT to tell her. I thought she'd be over the moon. We called her to the kitchen (she was in her room for 'rest' time). I tried to act like she was in trouble, but she didn't buy it. (I guess she has no hidden sins we have to worry about at the moment;) I told her we were going on a mommy date. Her reaction? Pure excitement. Then I told her I was taking her to get her ears pierced. Her reaction? Pure terror. :) Needless to say, it wasn't what I was expecting. She actually got a bit emotional saying she really wanted to get them pierced but she wasn't ready; she was too afraid. We let her make the decision, of course, and she decided to wait. I decided we'd go get magnetic earrings instead; an idea that thrilled her.

We went ahead to Claire's and on the way she talked quite a bit about wanting to get them pierced "someday". It was obvious, she was really struggling with her decision. I reassured her that we would go. She could look at the magnetic earrings and buy them, but it also was not too late to change her mind. I told her she could see the store and look and if she thought she felt comfortable she could still chose to get her ears pierced.

(Before entering, she obviously is a bit nervous about what she'll decide)

We walked into Claire's and she looked at the magnetic earrings for about 3 seconds before saying, "I think I can do it, mom. I want to get my ears pierced today!"

She got a bit nervous as she actually sat in the chair, but the woman working was great and at that point I could see her resolve to "do it". I took on the role of encouraging mama.

She was very fortunate to find they had Hello Kitty earrings in their piercing selection AND there were two women working so they each grabbed a gun and pierced both ears simultaneously.

Ava couldn't believe it was over so fast. Here is her description: "They put the earrings in guns and they go right in your ears at the same time they make a hole. It feels kind of like a shot, but not so bad and when my mom wiped them with the cleaner, it felt all better. I didn't even cry OR say ouch." She was REALLY proud of herself and I was proud too! An unexpected benefit? It led to a great conversation about not letting fear keep us from what we really want to do.

(Ava saying, "Yay! I did it!)

We finished off our date with a few stops in the mall. She wanted to "just look" at Kohl's and Hallmark. It was simple, but gave me such vision for our future as mom and daughter. She really enjoyed looking at the gift section at Hallmark and commenting on pretty things or picking out who they'd be perfect for. It was SO fun!

We then took a little trip to "Herkin Perkins". Ava's favorite restaurant (which is really just Perkins, but for some reason she has adapted her own name for it).

Then she got to choose our final stop. She chose target. She said she wanted to look at toys without having to be quick or worry about Chloe and Phin;) While there, she also picked out a little something for each of them from the dollar spot. It was a lovely date with an even lovelier little lady!


  1. That is so sweet! Sounds like a fun day. Glad she went ahead and got them pierced! I kind of expected to turn around and come home when I took McKenna to get hers pierced.:0) But, she was brave too.....much braver than I was.

  2. Yay for teachable moments! Now she has a reference point for courage.

  3. She looks so grown up! I love this girl! -K

  4. Smiling big. :) So thankful for the sweet day you shared! XO ~ Nikki