Tuesday, July 19, 2011


Anyone who's known me for a bit of time knows one the the highlights of my year is attending the Women of Faith conference. There has been a year here or there that I've had to miss due to things like childbirth;), but otherwise I make it a priority to attend. I have never been disappointed, but always left challenged and encouraged by the speakers. I am counting down the days until this years conference in Milwaukee- SEPT.30. (74 days, if you're at all curious;).

This year, I am especially thrilled to have been selected to blog about the conference. Not only did they give me a couple tickets- they'll get to hear my feedback. I certainly would have blogged about it anway. My goal is always to share the heart on here and that weekend I can guarantee that I will walk away with a full heart. COME JOIN ME! BE encourage, be challenged, grow in you faith!!


  1. How fun! It's crazy to see dates in September coming out cuz it seems like we were just in January and everyone was talking about things coming up in the spring or summer! Where is the year going? Looking forward to hearing about it.

  2. So cool!!! See, I'm NOT the only one to get free things! That is a pretty huge win! How did you get picked for it, by the way?