Sunday, July 10, 2011


Boys are different than doubt about that! Phin is a boys boy. He continually makes me shake my head and can get me laughing at the most inappropriate things. He is just so darn cute. His biggest area of discipline lately has been due to his discovery of potty humor. He just can't get enough! He has a relatively limited "dirty" vocabulary, but he loves to use it to irritate his sister or make older kids snicker. He randomly will say, "Toot from your bum." or "Poopy" or "Poopy bum" and finds it hilarious. He shows no sign thus far of conforming to my regulations of keeping such talk in the bathroom, but we'll keep working on it.

Apparently, I discovered this morning, he is also dreaming of this nonsense. For the first time, he articulated one of his dreams to me. It started with "The black monkey from Toy Story Three" and then I couldn't understand what he said because of his laughing. I wasn't sure what he was trying to say. My kids are scared of Toy Story 3, soley because of the black monkey that uses his cymbals and says "EEE, EEE, EEE" when toys try to escape Sunnyside Daycare. Scared may even be too light a word- they are terrified and if Phin hears anyone mention or ask about Toy Story 3, he is quick to demonstrate what the monkey does (hilarious actually) and say he only likes Toy Story 2.

Today, because I was confused. I asked him to elaborate. I thought he had some weird nightmare and was laughing not to cry. nightmare. He calmed down and told me, "I had a dream about the black monkey from Toy Story 3. He pooped in his underwear." I said, "He pooped his pants in your dream?" He said, "NO! He pooped in his UNDERWEAR!" and then laughed hysterically.

Well, okay then. I can't say I ever dreamed of my "monster" poopin' his underwear but if it makes his brain less scared of said monkey, I'll take it. I'll also take a few deep breaths. I have a feeling his obsession with poop, farts, and butts may only be beginning!


  1. hilarious!oh my, are you in for a long ride....I would be glad though that he is jut two and that the dirty humor has only to do with poop and not boobs or something like that! I remember Ava going through her bathroom humor stage too, so hopefully this stage won't last long :) -K

  2. I'm an adult (well, at least most would agree) and I also thought that the monkey from Toy Story 3 was a little freaky.

  3. well, Kim, if you want to put a kabosh on that type of humor, don't let him come over here! My boys also think all things related to body functions are hilarious -I just don't get it!
    (I still can't get my blogger id to show up on here!)