Friday, July 15, 2011

Today must be the day of hilarious comments?!

It's a full moon, maybe that makes my kids say hilarious things? I feel like I have been laughing since I got up.

Today after meeting some moms at the park I got sidetracked by garage sales on the way home;) At one, Phin announces loudly, "We see lots of naked kids this morning!" I was mortified, had NO idea where he got this and said sternly, "Phineas! We did not." He replied very matter of factly, "Yep, we see lots of naked boys." I was thoroughly embarrassed and confused and sure that he heard something terrible from one of the older kids today at the park.
As I was driving home, my stomach in knots, thinking about what he possibly was exposed to today, he again says, "Ava, 'member all the naked kids today!?" I said, "Phin, stop it! We did not see naked kids." Again, he replied (totally unphased by my stern tone), "Yep, we did." So I said, "why are you saying that?" He said, "I see lots of naked boys like me by the water." (We were at a park that had a sprinkler playground.) So I said, of course, "Phin the boys weren't naked they were in swimsuits." He finished with, "Yep, they were naked though. I could see all their belly buttons."

Okay- so naked chests, naked bodies...blah, blah- my son doesn't differentiate. I only wish I'd clarified this while at the garage sale! I am sure those present for his exclamation think I am some whacked mother! I'll hopefully never see them again and I had quite a laugh in the car. (Maybe my abs will be sore tomorrow, that would be fantastic!)

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  1. Haha!!! I love it! You always make me laugh with stories of your kids!