Saturday, January 22, 2011

Updated Pic's of my Munchkins

Ideally, I'd be posting pictures with each blog, but just like my life- my blog isn't ideal;) Still, here are some pictures of my children from the last couple weeks.

Ava holding her new cousin, Mia.

Our Knight in Shining Armor;)

With cousins Jordan and Mia.

Phin wears a hat much of the time...he has quite a few, but this is one of my favorites;)

Siblings!Isn't she gorgeous!

Ava loves to help, especially at bath time.

They were thrilled to go out in the snow...and lasted all of three minutes! The snow is too deep for Phin to walk and Ava can't bear the thought of playing alone.

My mom had the kids on the day Chloe turned 7 months and was kind enough to do the monthly shot for her scrap book....of course, being all cute with blocks, making this picture better than any I've taken. I will just appreciate her extra creativity- hey, she sleeps every night, I don't;)

The trampoline the kids got for Christmas to help burn off their pent up energy.


  1. Oh Kim, they are beautiful. You have such a beautiful family. It's amazing how fast they have grown up. Ava has changed so much since the last time I saw here. She is looking like such a little lady. :)

  2. Oops, sorry for the typo. I meant "her" not "here".

  3. I love the blocks idea also for the 7 month picture-another great idea! Also, Mia is excited to make it in your blog. :)-K

  4. Great pics- Loves Phin's hat and Chlow is adorable, Ava is such a BIG girl- tell her Anni said her hair is so pretty like a princess :)