Wednesday, January 5, 2011


Okay- I have to confess, I have no earthly idea how many packs of fruit snacks my son ate today. I keep finding empty wrappers (the house was clean this morning so I know they are all from today) and I did see him helping himself a time or two. I suppose I am now in the middle of a science experiment of sorts. Anyone have a hypothesis re. the affect of large quanitities of fruit snacks on a toddler's poop?

This is not really acceptable, of course. It is my job as a mom to feed my kids a healthy diet...we won't discuss the fact that I am also a nurse;) If today were not an exception but the norm, I would certainly need a bit of nutritional counseling and some parenting advice.

The truth is, however, some days you just don't want to pick the battle. There have been days when he's taken candy without asking and I know I should take it away and correct him, but I let it go. Today I did see him "sneaking" the snacks, but I didn't want to deal with temper tantrums or any other reaction he might have from taking them away from him. It wasn't a bad day in any sense, I am just tired.

It is a situation that is causing me to look back in time and remember how LITTLE I knew in my young 20s. I remember going to help a mom from church pack up her home for a move. She had 5 kids under 6 and her home was slightly chaotic; especially since three of the five kids were boys and one of them is autistic. As I was helping her pack the kitchen, her youngest son kept coming into the kitchen and taking popsicles. He ate atleast five popsicles. I remember thinking it was funny, realizing she was just letting it go, but also feeling a little self righteous. When I was a mom I was certain I would never do that!

Here I am a mom...and I did that. My son is probably the exact age of her son. I get it now. I am eating humble pie (oooooo pie- maybe I need to eat some real pie tonight too!). Some days you just don't pick the battle unless it's absolutely necessary and let's face it with a two year old- there are enough absolutely necessary battles as it is.

I'll let you know the result of the "science experiment" tomorrow...


  1. Grandpa Roue used to make pudding and more pudding with wipped cream and icecream for he and Lars to have for dinner when Grandma was gone for the day. Lars survived and so will Phin and if Grandpa Roue did stuff like that we all know it's okay to follow his example.

  2. could there be a better example...I always joke with mom- she got Grandpa's sweet tooth passed it to me and now Phin clearly has it;) Phin also has a twinkle in his eye like Grandpa...I love it;)