Wednesday, January 26, 2011

The Joy that is My Ava

I have a delighful little girl. She is beautiful and charming, but what I am most proud of is how she is developing a soft and beautiful heart.

Yesterday we talked a lot about salvation. The conversation went throughout the day. I tried very hard to make sure she was understanding me, without pushing her. I desperately want my little girl to be with me in heaven, but I don't want her to say a salvation prayer in order to please me. Coercing her to say a prayer that is just mere words does nothing about the condition of her soul. I DID want her to understand that she is a sinner and that the only way she can get to heaven is through Jesus Christ.

I tried my best to answer her questions and ask ones in return that would help further her understanding. At lunch time, she decided she wanted to ask Jesus to forgive her sins and to accept His free gift of salvation. She thanked him for dying on the cross and making a way for her to be in heaven forever. I cannot see what is inside Ava's heart, but oh how I hope to spend eternity with this little lady.

Some of the questions she asked were so sweet. She asked about Heaven and what it looked like and what we would do there. I told her we would worship God. She was in awe that she could SEE him there. I told her the bible said he is seated on a throne. She said, "Jesus is on a throne". I then tried to explain the trinity a bit and said Jesus is at the right hand side according to scripture. Her response melted my heart. "Oh, but God and Jesus are one, so it's sort of like at my 2 year old birthday with Jason. We shared the throne. There was one seat, but we both sat there." Not totally theologically accurate, but I could tell she was really listening and it was precious.

She told Marc she asked Jesus into her heart as soon as he got home from work. It was cool, cuz in that moment I totally forgot what a beautiful morning we had had. It meant so much that it was her news and she saw it as the highlight of the day (IT WAS!).

Then tonight I had the priviledge of putting her to bed. It is usually Marc's job, but he had to make a presentation at a Johnsonville plant this evening. Her prayer tonight almost brought me to tears. This is what she prayed, "Dear Jesus, Thank you for a good day. Thank you for helping me clean my closet when I was overwhelmed. Thank you for dying on the cross so I can go to heaven. Please help my papa be safe in his meeting. Help him cuz he said he feels overwhelmed. Please help him come home safe so I can see him in the morning. Amen."

As if that wasn't enough, as I stood up (from sitting next to her on the bed) to leave the room she said, "I am so thankful for you, mommy."

I screw up an awful lot, I can't say her beautiful heart is all my doing, but I am so grateful that God uses the imperfect person that I am in this little girls life. She is an amazing little person; it's hard to believe she's my daughter. I am profoundly humbled and grateful.


  1. this makes me want to cry- I love her sweet prayer and awesome that you recorded this. Blessing to me! You are a rockstar Mama Kim- He is using you!!!

  2. Kim, I just read this post, so awesome! Did you see my post about Isaac? Similar story, but sort of the three year old version. :) Praise God!