Monday, January 24, 2011


I didn't grow up with brothers. I adore my sisters and have never really felt like I missed anything. Friends with brothers sometimes seem to think I did. I'll never know. There are certain days (like today), however, when I think all I missed was torture.

This morning Phin and Chloe were in the kitchen. He was playing at the sensory table. She was playing in her booster. I went to walk Ava to the door as she was on her way out to school with Marc. Phin soon was behind me and Chloe was crying. I assumed it was just because he left the room.

Wrong assumption- this is what Marc found when he ran back to grab his lunch.

We fought back laughter and corrected Phin with a prompt time out and very stern words. After all, had this been a plastic bag, we could have REALLY had a problem. It is kind of funny and kind of creepy (doesn't she kind of look like the pictures you see of prisoner of war in different countries when they are moving them for location to location- yuck). Poor girl. One can only wonder what is in store for her in the future.

And yes, we did immediate remove the bag and I DID put it back on JUST to grab a picture. Really words just didn't seem to suffice in this situation;)


  1. HIL-AR-I-OUS!!! I seriously started cracking up when I saw the picture, even before reading the rest of the post! And yes, scary too! I guess we will always have to be on our toes-me doubly so!!!!

  2. HAHA! Brothers... there's nothing quite like 'em!

  3. so stinkin' funny-and so glad it wasn't plastic! Jason and I were laughing so hard at this picture :)

  4. Your mom and I survived 6 older brothers - they tease and torture and blame the baby for things they broke - but they also are always there to protect. I wouldn't trade my big brothers for anything!!