Saturday, January 22, 2011

Can't help myself...more "Conversations"

1) Ava: Here is a picture for you mom. It's me and Papa at the airport. I am nine. That would make Chloe 5, but she isn't in this picture. Well, neither are you and Phin cuz you all had to go to the bathroom.

2) After Ava's first "professional art class"- Making Animals from Clay
Me: How was it?
Ava: It was great. I made a bowl and a cup we can use for food. Well, actually the teacher made the bowl and cup and THEN I made them into animal ones. She said there isn't enough time to get them painted and stuff if we make them ourselves.
Me: It sounds fun.
Ava: It was really fun. It's good I don't have it every day though, right?
Me: Why honey, didn't you like it?
Ava: I loved it, mommy, but if I had it every day then I'd miss time with my flamily.
(that isn't a spelling error. She calls us her flamily and it melts my heart every time!)

3)This morning Phin came in the kitchen while I was making pancakes with the hood of his coat on his head.
Phin: Come on mommy, Let's go. Zip up my coat.
Me: Where are we going?
Phin: Walmart
Me (laughing): Why do we need to go to Walmart?
Phin: To get cookies. Let's go!
(for those in the city who never shop at's a staple here. It's also very clean and they give kids cookies when you walk by the bakery.)

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  1. I love them all. The cookie one strikes me funny because I think I had Kiersten conditioned to expect a treat every time we walked into Target. She would always make a smacking sound with her mouth when we walked in and expect to head to the food area.