Sunday, October 11, 2009


Saturday we had to fill in for my coleader of mom's group and "host" a family day at Johansen's Farm. I can't even tell you if I think it is worth a visit, though looking at our pictures, I have to admit it is probably a great outing. The problem Saturday was the FREEZING cold. My husband NEVER gets cold and said to me as we are leaving, "Now I know why you hate being cold. I am so miserable I feel agitated and angry." (Maybe now he'll quit turning down the heat on me!) My children, seemed oblivious to our discomfort and managed to thoroughly enjoy themselves. Most familes were wise enough to stay indoors, which allowed Phin opportunities to do activities usually untouched by one year olds; I am so addicted to "preserving memories" that I almost got frostbite on my hands as they were exposed to the elements for picture taking;)

When animals eat off my hands, it honestly kind of creeps me out, but I put on a brave face and do it. Ava seems to have no reservations whatso ever...she reaches right into their pens instead of waiting for them to lean out towards her hand, I was a little nervous she's lose a finger or something;)
Phin was lovin' be able to touch the pony and was completely uninterested in lookin up toward his papa for a picture;)

YES! Phin was allowed to play in the Bounce House;)
Okay- so being able to hold baby chicks, IS pretty cool.


  1. I think you have a surgeon on your hands with Ava. She's not afraid to reach into the animal bin to feed them. Them with sharp teeth and formidable appetites. Just think of how she'll handle abdominal surgery. Slice, reach, fix, sew. All bidness!

    BTW who is the skeleton in the jeans and dark jacket handing her a baby chick!

  2. So funny- that is Marc...must be the camera angle- shoot, why can't someone angle the camera that way for me?!